Below is a list of common problems associated with using Gummi. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed, please submit a bug report.

Gummi won’t start or load correctly after an upgrade.

Try to remove the files snippets.cfg and gummi.cfg that are located at /home/[_{your-username}_]/.config/gummi. Removing them will have Gummi re-create the default configuration when it is next started, so don’t forget to back them up if you want to retain your configuration. If this does not solve your issue, try to run gummi from the command line for more information.

Spell-checking is missing or not working.

Firstly check that spell checking is enabled in Edit → Preferences → Miscellaneous → (select a language)

Gummi uses the gtkspell library as its back-end for spell checking. This functionality is considered optional, and as a result some packagers may not make the Gummi package directly dependent on it. Therefore check if gtkspell is installed on your system (apt-get install gtkspell or yum install gtkspell). A dictionary package for the language of your choice (usually called myspell-_{your-country-code}_) must also be installed so that gtkspell has a dictionary to check against.

Gtkspell will currently highlight latex words themselves as potential misspellings, this is expected to change in the future #142

Errors when compiling from source

See the page that covers these issues and their solutions.

The Document Statistics Option doesn’t work

The Document Statistics option requires the program 'texcount’. Gummi will run without it however if you want the document statistics menu option to work you’ll need texcount installed. On Ubuntu/Debian it is found in the package texlive-extra-utils, e.g.

# apt-get install texlive-extra-utils

On Fedora you’ll need to use unofficial repos to find a texlive-texcount package.

Pages Wont Render/Compile in the preview pane

"compilation program is missing"

If when running you see an error message titled "compilation program is missing" in the preview pane, and in the compilation options it mentions all options are greyed out, then the typesetter options need installing.

Use the following to install all of them at once:

[ubuntu] $ sudo apt-get install rubber latexmk texlive-xetex
[debian] # apt-get install rubber latexmk texlive-xetex
[fedora] # yum install rubber latexmk texlive-xetex

If the error message persists after installing TeXLive, make sure the symlink "pdflatex" exists. Gummi searches for "pdflatex" in the system PATH. If it does not exist, you can manually create this symlink using the following command:

ln -sfn /path/to/pdftex /usr/bin/pdflatex

No error message given

Try moving your gummi saved configuration to rule it out.

# close gummi first
mv ~/.config/gummi ~/.config/gummi-backup

LaTeX compilation fails due to missing packages

Gummi does not have hard dependencies on TeXLive, and as a result most packagers will only include the most basic latex components by default. There are numerous latex modules available and to have Gummi install all of them wouldn’t make much sense. When a package is included that is not installed on your system, the build log tab in Gummi will provide you with information on what you are missing. Once you have installed the correct latex module, you will be able to use it in your documents.

Two examples, their output and solution:
\usepackage{alexander} gives error: LaTeX Error: File `alexander.sty’ not found. (install the alexander latex module)
\usepackage[T1]{fontenc} gives error: pdfTeX error: pdflatex (file ecrm1000): Font ecrm1000 at 600 not found (install texlive-fontsextra*)