The Gummi user guide is currently a work in progress.

What is Gummi /LaTeX?

LaTeX is a powerful markup language that is widely used in the creation of professional and academic papers. Its syntax can seem daunting at first to a novice user, which is the main reason why I wanted (and needed) an editor that would help out a novice user. Gummi is the result of that desire.

So, who are you?

I’m Alexander van der Mey, an Artificial Intelligence student at the University of Amsterdam. I have been using GNU/Linux since 2005 and settled on Gentoo Linux after a short period of trying out different distributions. My desktop of choice is and has always been GNOME 2. When I’m not geeking out, you can typically find me having a beer at a local pub.

What did you use to write Gummi?

If you’re interested, the full development environment is documented in the Developer Guide.

How can I help?

Gummi is still under active development. People that are willing to test Gummi by running the development/unstable branch and report their findings are very much appreciated. We also accept patches and translations. (TODO: Expand on this with links to translate/dev pages etc.)

Can you port Gummi to my platform?

We are in the proces of porting Gummi to the Windows platform. There are currently no plans for a MacOS version.

Do you sell fetish clothing?

Sorry we don’t. Please stop asking