New Gummi for Windows (unstable) build out now

Added by Alexander van der Mey over 2 years ago

A new development build for our upcoming Windows release has been compiled and uploaded only moments ago. This build should still be considered unstable/experimental, but it includes many improvements and fixes based on problems that were reported with the original beta1 build. Existing users can overwrite their old installation by running the installer from the new build. See this wiki page for details and the download link. As always, we appreciate bug reports if you encounter problems.


Added by over 2 years ago

I just yetserday tested gummi vor Windows and I really like it! I am using MikTex and so far its been stable and working. Thanks for the great program.


Added by nilo barrantes melgar over 2 years ago

please remember update the gummi for "windows"

Added by Anonymous about 1 year ago

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Added by Anonymous 7 months ago

I imagine this build is much better than the previous one, although it’s somewhat outdated right now. Anyway, I’ll check it out anyway. Nice development. - <a href="">John Ellium</a>